Economic Recovery after the Crisis and the Cohesion Policy

Keywords: European Union , structural funds , economic crisis , restructuring , economic recovery


  • Dimitrescu Mihaela, Affiliation: Hyperion University of Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  43 : 53

Even European Union was considered a strong institution, US crisis covered the european area. All 27 countries UE members are involved in a hard work related to euro aria future and meanwhile in stability strategy. Concerning economic dimension of crisis gouvernments found out how vulnerable they are becouse of an unequal sates involvment in solving recesion problems, becouse some countries have to addopt efficient finacial and economic austerity decisions and other ones not.  Starting 1930 until today, European Union developed economic relations among members, using Structural Funds too. This financial instrument  could bean efficient support for reducing crisiss. What could be benefic for  Romania, as a noneuro country, in order to diminuate the dimension of crissis and to develop a solid market economy?

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