The Development of The Information Society During the Economic Crisis

Keywords: information society , quality education , research , development , innovation


  • Adriana Sturzoiu, Ph.D. student, Affiliation: SCOSAAR, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  46 : 51

In order to have a successful economy based on knowledge, countries need to act simultaneously in the system of education, innovation and the exchange of information and communications technology infrastructure. Education is of paramount importance in the society of knowledge, as a source of jurisdiction, as the Foundation for the development of new knowledge and innovation, and as an engine for socio-economic development. Education is therefore a critical requirement in the establishment of knowledge societies, which may foster the development, growth, and prosperity. It represents not only the means through which individuals become skilled participants in society and economy, but is also a key factor in the expansion of the use of ICT.

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