Environmental Economy and Management in the Context of Sustainable Development - Conceptual Approaches

Keywords: environmental economy , environmental management , sustainable development


  • Oana Chindriș-Văsioiu, Affiliation: Ecological University of Bucharest, Romania;
  • Mădălina Tocan, Affiliation: Ecological University of Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  28 : 33

This paper tries to highlight the importance of environmental economic policies and environmental management, and their impact on sustainable development. The paper shows the fact that environmental policy, as a specialized policy at national and international level, also means the assessing of the environment real situations, finding the negative environmental effects, establishing institutional measures necessary to states organs in protecting and conserving the environment and the importance of an effective environmental management. The paper also demonstrates that environmental policy is closely linked and conditioned by economic, administrative, financial and legislative policy, correlation which is based on a national and international relations as they represent both concrete theoretical and practical relations.

JEL classification:  Q50, Q56