Risks and Opportunities for European and National Development during the Post-Crisis – the Catalyst Role of Labour Market

Keywords: labour market , polarisation , employment , unemployment , institutions


  • Cornelia Dumitru, Affiliation: Institute of National Economy – NIER, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  34 : 44

The current trends are marked increasingly more by tendencies of decoupling from the globalization process. One of the essential reasons is the development of the labour markets determined more frequently by technological progress and change which contributes to job losses, changes of occupational profiles and increased inequalities leading to labour market polarization. This type of issues are not new in the economic-social history of the world, but this repetitiveness includes this time a set of new issues related to the increasing degree of technology, computerisation and automation which has a higher rate than the national, European and international capacities of identifying solutions for the labour force caught in the ‘scissors’ of polarisation and inequality. The main solutions must be found at institutional level, in the way cooperation, relationship and collaboration networks are set up between labour market institutions and the other institutions in the social and economic field. The present paper intends to analyse the main trends, opportunities and risks faced by the European and Romanian labour market, pursuing to particularise them for our country from the viewpoint of main phenomena and developments.

JEL classification:  J21, J24, J29, J39,O14,O39