Romanian Culture and Art in the 18th -20th Centuries - important sector in the economic development

Keywords: urban culture , cultural landscape , urbanity


  • Luminița Ștefania Boboc, Affiliation: Hyperion University, Bucharest, Romania;
Pages:  14 : 20

Cultural tourism is the instrument for economic development that leads to economic growth by attracting visitors from the outside of the host community and who are partly or generally motivated by an interest in historical, artistic, scientific or lifestyle related components, realities, traditions and information about a community, region, group or institution. Such a journey focuses on deepening the cultural environment, including landscapes, visual and theatrical arts, lifestyles, values, traditions and events.The capacity of the national economy to benefit from tourism depends on the availability of investments to develop the necessary infrastructure and its ability to meet the needs of tourists.

JEL classification:  Z11, Z32