Bucharest Stock Exchange - the evolution of institutional framework and of the main financial instruments

Keywords: Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) , evolution , indices


  • Valentin Epure, Affiliation: Institute for Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  21 : 27

The Stock Exchange is primarily intended to facilitate the flow of money from those who own capital (investors) to those who need capital in order to develop their own business (entrepreneurs). Any company listed on the Stock Exchange enjoys more advantages than access to development capital, the additional benefits being the improvement of the Company's profile, constant and free advertising, higher visibility vis-à-vis the customers and the business partners. This article analyses the evolution of the institutional framework of the Bucharest Stock Exchange at the time of creation and so far until now, as well the evolution of the main financial instruments traded in markets operating within the Bucharest Stock Exchange. An analysis is made related on the institutional framework since the establishment of the institution, showing the main progress and events that influenced the functioning and development of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The main financial instruments traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (shares, bonds, fund units) as well as the evolution of the eight indices of Bucharest Bureaus are analysed.

JEL classification:  G15