Analysis of the Level Achieved by Various Specific Rail Transportation Indicators by Implementing ITT

Keywords: rail transport , ITT , productivity performance , socio-economic implications; ERTMS/ETCS


  • Gheorghe-Stelian Bălan, PhD, Affiliation: S.C. Alstom S.A. - Bucharest, Romania;
  • Mariana Bălan, Affiliation: Institute for Economic Forecasting- NIER, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  3 : 16

Rail transportation is one of the transportation ways that continues to remain of high interest due to some certain advantages: it is the least polluting and most environmentally friendly ways of transport. These are but two of the reasons why for the last years based on the strategies adopted by various international bodies the attempt is made to develop and implement some programmes for reinvigorating rail transportation and attracting increased traffic for this type of transportation.
An important role in developing transports by and large and rail transportation in particular is played by technological innovation. This constitutes and will continue to be an important source of contributions for solving transportation issues. The rail traffic management systems might optimise the use of the network and improve transportation safety.
Technology (ITT) in the field of transports. Such applications are developed for various means of transport, but also for favouring their interaction (including intermodal platforms). Aligning the Romanian rail transportation to the European one meant also the implementation of the ERTMS/ETCS system in Romania. Implementing ITT in rail transports might improve significantly both the activity and services provided by this activity sector. Next to interoperability, ERTMS means also increasing the capacity of the infrastructure, increasing speed and diminishing production and maintenance costs, improving safety but also reconfiguring skills and expertise of the service personnel.
The present paper intends to analyse the impact of implementing the new technologies from ITT in rail transportation on some specific indicators for this sector of activity in view of identifying some viable solutions for increasing its efficiency in relation to other transportation systems, but also for counteracting the social effects generated by these technologies.

JEL classification:  J62, L63, L91, L96, R40