Workflow in the Republic of Moldova

Keywords: unemployment , labor , salary , migration , economic development


  • Camelia – Elena Ivan, PhD candidate, Affiliation: Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania.
Pages:  17 : 25

The economic development of a country is closely linked to the creation of well-paid jobs that support the population for a high standard of living. In the Republic of Moldova the process of transition to the market economy has produced a longer period than in other countries. Due to the poor job offer, many citizens of the Republic of Moldova chose to go to work abroad or move to more developed regions. These events have resulted in the depopulation of the rural environment and the decrease in the workforce. The main challenge for Moldovan authorities is to attract investors and support the business environment for SME development both in urban and rural areas.

JEL classification:  F5, P2, J43, J11, J31