Terrorism in the Context of the Development of the Society

Keywords: terrorism , terrorism history , sponsor states


  • Irina Bakhaya, Ph.D, Affiliation: Hyperion University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  44 : 52

Terrorism, as a form of emergence of asymmetric warfare, is a major transnational threat, driven by ethnic, religious, nationalist, separatist, political and economic reasons. Terrorism is a special social phenomenon, which at the beginning of the century and the millennium, through its vastness and variety of forms of manifestation, reached a complex, wide-scale feature. This article analyzes the terrorist phenomenon taking into account the characteristic elements of those who have had a great resonance - the common feature of all is the terror element, an element of primary importance having a serious weight in terms of moral and legal.

JEL classification:  K14