Reflection on the Concept of Sustainability in Terms of Accounting

Keywords: sustainability , sustainable development , environmental managerial accounting , environmental management system , accounting of sustainability


  • Andrei–Mihai Cristea, PhD candidate, Affiliation: University "1 December 1918" Alba Iulia, Hyperion University of Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  11 : 16

Accounting for achieving sustainability (which also includes managerial accounting of the environment) is promoted by the followers of the theory of effective protection of the environment, for which sustainability means maintaining a balance between the activity Economic and ecological system, a fair distribution of resources and opportunities, not only between current generations, but also between present and future generations, as well as an efficient allocation of resources in time to take into account limitations of natural resources. The development of a managerial accounting that incorporates the concept of sustainability is not an easy approach, as it requires the determination of constraints on economic activities, as well as the subordination of economic criteria traditional criteria based on social and ecological values.

JEL classification:  M41, Q01, Q56