The application of multi - agent systems in the field of transport

Keywords: information systems , multi-agent systems , intelligent transport , innovative concepts


  • Balint Ovidiu Antoniu, Affiliation: University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  51 : 55

This paper describes the application of multi-agent systems for improving the transport networks. The growth of international traffic has created new problems in managing the passengers flow. Complex systems are needed to improve the management of transport companies that require new ways for finding solutions on improving their costs such as applying new methods and technologies. The main question that is addressed in this paper is: can the performance and economic status of the transport companies be improved by using multi-agent systems? In order to respond to this question I have presented in this article the main strategies that are used in the present for improving transport systems and a personal interpretation of these strategies.

JEL classification:  A11, D84, L91, L96, M11, N70, Q40 and R42