Vol. 1, Issue 2, 2013 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:

Research articles

Decision making under uncertainty in viticulture: a case study of Port wine
Lopes Ana Paula
pp. 3-12

Analysis and forecast of employees’ mobility on the labor market in Romania using Markov chains
Bălan Mariana, Uzlău Carmen, Ene Corina Maria

pp. 13-25

Sustainable growth
Crăciun Liliana, Molănescu Anca Gabriela

pp. 26-32

Statistical properties for European stock indices returns during 2007-2012
Panait Iulian

pp. 33-41


The nonlinear GDP dynamics
Purica Ionuț

pp. 42-59

Young researchers

Export and FDI in Asian Countries: panel causality analysis
Karsalari Abbas Rezazadeh, Mehrara Mohsen, Musai Maysam

pp. 60-66

Making public offers in the European Union
Vasile (Epure) Felicia Florentina

pp. 67-76

Institutional System Response Mechanism towards Corruption: A Point of View
Tudurachi Ciprian

pp. 77-80


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