A Multidimensional Analysis of Social Vulnerability

Keywords: vulnerable groups , poverty rate , social exclusion


  • Bălan Mariana, Affiliation: Institute for Economic Forecasting – NIER, Romanian Academy, and "Athenaeum" University, Bucharest, Romania;
Pages:  30 : 39

Social vulnerability> is often defined as a life-situation characterized by a multi-dimensional combination of disadvantage and advantage, of inclusion and exclusion factors. Its distinctive characteristic is that the weak and unstable integration in the main mechanisms of resources distribution in contemporary society' places the people in a situation of uncertainty' and high exposure to the risk ofpoverty' and, eventually, of social exclusion. Because of its often temporary nature, vulnerability' is diffiadt to capture.
The present paper presents various aspects of social vulnerability! and the structuring of the main elements of which it is constituted.
The analysis focuses across the family structure, exposure to poverty> (temporary’ or permanent), housing conditions, the family/work system (the presence of unemployed and temporary’ workers in the household), the ways in which work and childcare are reconciled, and the presence of dependent persons in households in economically compressed situations.

JEL classification:  I32, I39, J65, P36