Analysis and Forecast of the Youth Inclusion on the Labor Market Determining Factors in Romania and their Impact on the Social and Economic Development of the Society

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  • Mariana Bălan, PhD, coordinator;
  • Cornelia Scutaru-Ungureanu, PhD;
  • Carmen Uzlău, PhD;
  • Brînduşa Mihaela Radu, PhD candidate;
  • Gabriela Bilevsky, PhD candidat.
Pages:  75 : 82

Even if young people today are fewer in number and better educated than their predecessors in the previous generation, there are still difficulties in entering the labor market. Many of those who were hired often have unstable jobs. There are several reasons for this, such as the disparity between the skills acquired in education and labor market requirements, as well as the general conditions of the labor market. In difficult times, companies will downsize recruitment programs, available places being mostly for qualified experts.
There are also made estimations on the impact of new economy on the process of schooling and education in Romania.
The method of approach allowed the authors, together with the formulation of conclusions to be drawn with purely scientific feature, to provide some useful information from the practical point of view. In this way the work manages to overcome the rigidity of the usual bureaucratic arbitrariness in specific literature devoted to the same topic.

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