Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2014 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:

Research articles

To QE or Not to QE? The Japanese Experience
Radu Lupu, Adrian Cantemir Calin
pp. 3-10

The Effects of Stock Dividend on Stock Return in Tehran Stock Exchange
Ebrahim Abbasi, Behrooz Ebrahimzadeh, Amir Mohammadzadeh

pp. 11-16

Trade, Environment Quality and Income in MENA Region
Abbas Rezazadeh Karsalari, Mohsen Mehrara, Maysam Musai

pp. 17-24

Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Banks: Evidence from Nigeria
S. Ogege, T. Boloupremo

pp. 25-36

Young researchers

Considerations on the Role of Financial Markets in Economic Growth
Carmen Albu

pp. 37-43

The Use of Fiscal Policy at the National Level
Miron Dumitrescu, Oana Camelia Iacob, Ana-Maria Volintiru, Aurel Marin

pp. 44-50

Patents Assessed through Sectoral Operational Programs
Paula Angela Vidrascu

pp. 51-58

The Relationship between Added Value Growth and Entrepreneurship in Industrial Sector: Case of Sistan and Baluchestan Province
Abbas ali Rezaei

pp. 59-67


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