Vol. 2, Issue 3, 2014 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:

Research articles

Modeling Risk Convevergence for European Financial Markets
Radu Lupu, Adrian Cantemir Calin, Iulia Lupu, Oana Cristina Popovici

pp. 3-12

Occupy the Financial Niche – Saturation and Crisis (discontinuous decisions)
Ionut Purica

pp. 13-19

Empirical Investigation of Risk Tacking Channel of Monetary Policy in Iran
Farhad Rahbar, Mostafa Sargolzaei

pp. 20-28

The Effect of Political Risk on Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Algeria
Midoun Sissani, Zairi Belkacem

pp. 29-35

Young researchers

Comparative Research on Romanian SMEs Crediting
Florin - Mihai Magda, Adina Elena Danuletiu

pp. 36-44
Early Warning Indicators for a Financial Crises. The Case of Romania
Radu Soviani
pp. 45-63
New Elements in Corporate Governance of the Credit Institutions from the Perspective of National Bank of Romania Regulation no. 5/2013
Gabriela Ioana Moise, Andrei Emil Moise
pp. 64-73
Debates on Intellectual Property Rights
Paula Angela Vidrascu
pp. 74-85


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