The influence of institutional strategies on the underground economy

Keywords: underground economy , shadow economy , strategy , annual planning , strategic management , operational management , strategic programming , institutional strategies


  • Ciprian Tudurachi, Affiliation: Valahia University, Târgovişte, Romania;
  • Liliana Paschia, Affiliation: "1 Decembrie 1918" University, Alba Iulia, Romania.
Pages:  39 : 43

The fight against shadow economy must be addressed not only as a permanent concern of economic analysts and decision-makers, but rather as a problematic ethical-moral nature affecting economic and interpersonal relations, as strategic and operational object. The authors attempt outline an institutional management strategy geared towards underground economy combating has as objective the strands establishment without having exhaustiveness claim. We make a case for extending the implementation of a coherent program, strategic and operational, and its adoption as a way of institutional management in the context it really wants to launch a concerted offensive to combat the underground economy.

JEL classification:  M1, K40, K42