Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2015 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:

Research articles

“Revenue-led Spending” or “Spending-led Revenue” : Evidence from Iran (1978-2012)
Abbas ali Rezaei

pp. 3-19

The Determinants of Gini Coefficient in Iran Based on Bayesian Model Averaging
Mohsen Mehrara, Mojtaba Mohammadian

pp. 20-28

The Impact of Macroeconomic Changes to the European Currency Market
Iulia Lupu

pp. 29-37

Young researchers

Analyzing the Market Concentration of the Romanian Capital Market
Sorin-Iulian Cioacă

pp. 38-43

The Impact of Public Spending on Imports in Algeria:Econometric Study between the Period 1990 – 2012
Sofiane Maachi, Zairi Belkacem

pp. 44-55

The Impact of Capital Structure on Stock Returns: International Evidence
Reza Tahmoorespoura, Mina Ali-Abbarb, Elias Randjbaranc

pp. 56-78

Terrorist Phenomenon’s Impact on the World Economy
Liviu Uzlău

pp. 79-82


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