Security of Internet Payments

Keywords: electronic payment system , transaction , access control , digital signatures


  • Alin Titus Pîrcălab, Affiliation: "Vasile Goldis" West University, Arad, Romania.
Pages:  3 : 20

Recently, with the increasing availability of Internet, E-commerce has captured the interest of individual consumers and companies of all sizes and interests. Moreover, with the advanced technologies now available, it is more and more spoken about the Digital Economy (DE - Digital Economy). The basic idea is that through ecommerce one can achieve the exchange of ideas, goods, knowledge, beyond simply buying / selling of products and services. E-commerce technologies can be used to run a business using the Internet for communication, Intranet or other computer networks. The concept of virtual value is very important because it offers the possibility of digital information in the usual processes occurring in conducting business activities. One of the main goals of e-commerce strategies is to identify and encourage users of information via the Internet, giving them the necessary support. Electronic commerce offers the ability to run a business in a flexible manner that can benefit from the various opportunities as they arise. But bear in mind that the introduction of electronic commerce in a business requires some changes in the structuring, development and tracking of activities. Using multimedia techniques or adaptation facilitates the inclusion of details of disclosure forms processed. Presentation of information takes on importance as large as the content. The Internet allows two-way exchange of information, without limits of time and space.

JEL classification:  A12, F02, G23, G35