The Practice of Insuring and Evaluating Performance Indicators and Quality for Higher Education

Keywords: performance , university , quality , organizational management , teachinglearning-research


  • Liliana Paschia, Affiliation: "1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia, Romania.
Pages:  45 : 53

If 20-30 years ago the graduate of the educational institution had at his disposal 3-5 years to adapt to the concrete conditions of the enterprise or organization where he was directed to work, today employers insist on a quick insertion of the graduates into the labour market. In this paper we examine practices and benchmarks for performance appraisal of higher education institutions in Romania. Based on the results of the evaluations carried out we conclude that the best practice of those examined is the European orientation on the implementation of the European-agreed recommendations, instruments and indicators. We also find that a sufficiently elevated level of standardization has not been reached until now, so doubts about the conformity of the assessment with reality are not yet fully eliminated. Also, the lack of statistical data and the lack of agreement on a fundamental set of indicators only amplifies the relativity of judgments at this stage.

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