Vol. 5, Issue 4, 2017 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:

Research articles

Analysis of the Level Achieved by Various Specific Rail Transportation Indicators by Implementing ITT
Gheorghe-Stelian Balan, Mariana Balan

pp. 3-16

The Content and Quality of the Information Contained in the Financial Statements
Andrei Cristea

pp. 17-20

Measures to Reduce Tax Evasion at European Level
Geraldina Terezia Vajda

pp. 21-26

The Impact of Indirect Taxes on Economic Growth
Ana-Maria Uritescu

pp. 27-35

Innovation in SMEs - An Intensive Preoccupation of Business People All Around the World
Ciprian Tudurachi

pp. 36-40

Debt Sustainability and Fiscal Policy Rules in the European Union
Ada Cristina Marinescu

pp. 41-47

Analysis and Modeling of NYSE Arca Oil & Gas Stock Index Returns
Violeta Duță

pp. 48-62


Short-Term Changes in Wage Distribution after Minimum Wage Increases in Romania
Mădălina Ecaterina Popescu, Eva Militaru


pp. 63-71


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