Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2018 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:


Identifying the Existing Connections Between Tax Evasion and Corruption and Determining a Functional Link Between the Two Phenomena
Carmen Uzlău, Corina-Maria Ene

pp. 3-9

Analysis of Effects of Human Capital Investment
Adriana Sturzoiu

pp. 10-16

Workflow in the Republic of Moldova
Camelia-Elena Ivan

pp. 17-25

The Impact of Compensation Growth on Inflation Rate and Unemployment
Bianca Costache

pp. 26-32

Cointegrating Analysis of the Leading Western Art Markets
Mihaela-Eugenia Vasilache, Dorin Jula

pp. 33-43

Terrorism in the Context of the Development of the Society
Irina Bakhaya

pp. 44-52


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