Pillars of Integrity in the Romanian Political-Economic Conjuncture

Keywords: intergity , responsability , transparency , law


  • Iuliana Pana, PhD student, Affiliation: National Defence University "CAROL I", Bucharest, Romania.
Pages:  9 : 16

In a general approach, we can define as the pillars of integrity the four elements that can function in a circuit and sense that help to increase the integrity, respectively: accountability, transparency, legality and politics, the pillars that ensure the national security of a state. The article analyses all these four elements according to the theory in the field and practical aspects which were met in the world during the last decades. The interdependency between political determinants and economical effects is obvious. This is the reason why we want to analyse the complex connections with integrity, also governance and appeal the different studies done by the international institutions in the world to demonstate it.

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