The Relationship Between the Ecosystems, Eco-Society, and Green Economy, as Decision-Makers for Organizational and Implementation of Environmental Policies

Keywords: environmental impact , ecosystem , environmental policies , protection of the environment , eco-society , green economy


  • Constantin Aurelian Ionescu, Affiliation: Faculty of Economics, Hyperion University, Romania;
  • Mihaela Lixandru (Leasa Lixandru), Ph.D. Stud, Affiliation: IOSUD-SDSE Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania;
  • Liliana Paschia, Affiliation: Faculty of Economics, Hyperion University, Romania;
  • Mihaela Denisa Coman, Researcher, Affiliation: IInstitute of Multidisciplinary Research for Science and Technology, Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania;
  • Dan Groza, Ph.D. Stud, Affiliation: IOSUD-SDSE Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania.
Pages:  43 : 51

The relationship between the ecosystems, eco-society, and green economy, as decision-makers for organizational and implementation of environmental policies, must enable the accounting framework to be conducive to create a close connection between the entity and the environment and to prepare the implementation of the organization's environmental policies. The awareness of the need to treat as decision-making factors of the relations between the three items will lead to the improvement of the long-term activity and at the same time to the increased environmental protection. The objective of this article is to value the necessity to consider the relationship between ecosystems, eco-society and green economy to obtain the best results both for the organization and environment.

JEL classification:  Q57, F60, O10