Vol. 7, Issue 4, 2019 - Hyperion Economic Journal

Table of Contents:

Research articles

Accounting Information - Notice of an Efficient Decision System
Ana-Maria Comandaru, Liliana Paschia, Sorina Geanina Stanescu, Mihaela Denisa Coman

pp. 3-8

The Environmental Impact Reflected in the Accounting and Calculation of Costs, the Result of Auditing and Certification of Environmental Information
Mihaela Lixandru

pp. 9-15

Green Accounting for the Development and Management of Sustainable Businesses in Multinational Companies
Cornelia Maria Nitu, Alin Sergiu Nitu, Mihai Andrei Mirica

pp. 16-23

Assessment of Performance in the Bakery Industry — Management Systems and Assessment Indicators
Andrei-Mihai Cristea

pp. 24-30

Accounting for Sustainability - Strategies and Arguments of Global Challenges
Adriana Păduraru (Horaicu), Ana-Maria Comândaru (Andrei), Christiana Brigitte Sandu, Mihai Andrei Mirica 

pp. 31-42

The Relationship Between the Ecosystems, Eco-Society, and Green Economy, as Decision-Makers for Organizational and Implementation of Environmental Policies
Constantin Aurelian Ionescu, Mihaela Lixandru, Liliana Paschia, Mihaela Denisa Coman, Dan Groza

pp. 43-51


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